Brit Wacher

Brit Wacher is a fashion designer based in Montreal, Quebec. This is a simple portfolio showcase and I both designed and developed this website by creating a custom WordPress theme that met the client’s needs.

My main goals for this site were that it be mobile, cutting edge and easy to navigate. Technologies I used for this project include HTML5 Video, CSS3, jQuery and Instagram API to develop a custom feed to filter images based on hashtags.

This site was developed by me as an independent contractor, which also means I was responsible for the project management, UI/UX, back-end, databases, moving the site, training, and more.

This is a Category and it might give you an idea about this project. Also, one day it will help me to add filters to this section and showcase my projects even better.

NO! I don't buy templates and neither use child themes. Wordpress is the CMS I choose to use in order to develop websites from zero and customize the back-end architecture & site update process in order to develop a scalable & easy to update content management system that fits my clients needs.(WEM) I always ensure all custom fields in the back-end are developed with powerful options in order to be able to update & maintain the site fast & easy, without using shortcodes and html in the editor. Always with the guidance & respect to the WP API ( with the mindset of using the least plugins as possible :)

Responsive is not only about overwriting CSS with media queries, it’s actually much more than that. It’s about code architecture, clean cutting-edge UI/UX, stability and performance. My target devices for all responsive projects are Android and iOS.

– URL:
– Launched: 2013

– Technologies: HTML5/CSS3/jQuery

HTML5 Video

Brit Wacher