Clean Energy BC

Generate 2014 is Clean Energy BC’s annual conference that gets thousands of views and therefore requires attention to detail. It was a Backbone Technology project and I was responsible for the UI development. The UI design was made by EcStatic Studios and I had to coordinate with them in order to ensure all branding elements were applied correctly according to Clean Energy BC. Even though they didn’t provide designs for mobile I created the UX with zero guidance. The result was a clean, cutting-edge site with a CMS architecture that is easy to update and maintain.

No, not the JS framework, I mean Backbone Technology inc. - it's a digital agency. This project was developed while I was working as a Front-End Developer at their headquarters in Vancouver, BC. I was responsible for the Front-End development and code architecture, including building custom components and using their API's. All the sites I developed have been built from zero, using no templates and on top of their custom CMS and API.

This is a Category and it might give you an idea about this project. Also, one day it will help me to add filters to this section and showcase my projects even better.

Expression is the custom CMS that Backbone Technology inc. uses to build sites and develop a Website Experience Management software. Every project starts from zero and the functionality can be added in pieces such as elements, modules and components.

Responsive is not only about overwriting CSS with media queries, it’s actually much more than that. It’s about code architecture, clean cutting-edge UI/UX, stability and performance. My target devices for all responsive projects are Android and iOS.

– URL:
– Launched: 2013-2014

– Technologies: HTML5/CSS3/jQuery/Ajax

Clean Energy BC


I believe in looking forward and building something for the future. I developed this website with the mindset that all the elements might be used again for future conferences websites. Three years in a row - same website, different content.