Eggbeater Creative Inc.

I’ve been working with Eggbeater Inc. since August 2016. We develop custom WordPress Themes from scratch for small & large scale businesses by using: SAGE(8.5), ACF PRO, REST API and of course the LEAST plugins as possible. In every project we build we use architectural approaches for the best possible CMS stability & performance. Some of the tools we use in our current dev workflow are: Vagrant, Gulp, Bower, WP-CLI, git-flow, bitbucket, Wordmove etc. Some of the projects responsibilities are:

• Move & handle large amount of data from other CMS’s in to WordPress
• Develop custom animations using CSS3 and Javascript
• Develop REST API based applications and pull data from 3rd parties
• Debug Javascript code and improve performance for large scale projects
• Debug old wordpress themes and make sure they are update and secure
• Develop REST API & custom endpoints for Custom Post Types and Custom Taxonomies

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Eggbeater Creative Inc. it's a Graphic & Web Design studio located in Vancouver, BC. We build Wordpress Themes from scratch based on SAGE 8.5+ by using advance dev tools & process such as: Gulp, Bower, Vagrant, BitBucket, git-flow, WP-CLI, Wordmove (for deployment), REST API and ACF PRO - Flexible Content. We have developed a custom process by using ACF Flexible Content that makes Wordpress more like WEM Software other than just a simple CMS.

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NO! I don't buy templates and neither use child themes. Wordpress is the CMS I choose to use in order to develop websites from zero and customize the back-end architecture & site update process in order to develop a scalable & easy to update content management system that fits my clients needs.(WEM) I always ensure all custom fields in the back-end are developed with powerful options in order to be able to update & maintain the site fast & easy, without using shortcodes and html in the editor. Always with the guidance & respect to the WP API ( with the mindset of using the least plugins as possible :)

Responsive is not only about overwriting CSS with media queries, it’s actually much more than that. It’s about code architecture, clean cutting-edge UI/UX, stability and performance. My target devices for all responsive projects are Android and iOS.

UI/UX means that there was no designer involved with the project and I was responsible for building & designing the site interface.

– URI: (Move data)
– URI:
– URI:
– Released: 2016-2017

– Technologies: HTML5/CSS3/jQuery/REST API/AJAX/

H2 Restaurant

CSS3 Animations, one page layout, custom scroll functionality, UX for mobile devices.
Eggbeater Creative Inc.

Custom animations using CSS3 and Javascript, UX for mobile devices, REST API, custom scroll functionality, custom back-end architecture, performance.


Pull data from 3rd party using custom taxonomies, REST and AJAX. Develop blog functionality using REST API including, categories, tags etc. Example:

Move MySQL data from Joomla DB to Wordpress DB including images, custom fields, categories/custom taxonomies etc. Develop from scratch custom AJAX search functionality for film database. Build custom load more functionality from scratch using AJAX.
Eggbeater Creative Inc.

Custom search functionality for Custom Post Type "Galleries". Filtering using Custom Taxonomies and AJAX. Custom AJAX pagination.